[EU] USED PARTS (Battery, Evolve Belts, Motormount, Toohtwheel ect.)

I’m selling some used parts!

Battery 12s5p 649Wh Samsung 30q: 580€ (with enclosure and 2A charger) Motormount: 35€ (it’s for 63 motors) Toothwheel: 4€ 12 teeth! Evolve Belts: 30€ both ( I didn’t use it) they’re new! HTD 5M 53 teeth Belt 265mm: 6€

!!!ALL PARTS FOR 640€!!!

I charged the battery only 3 Times!

Pictures are mandatory to sell items

Id like to see those mounts :smiley:


IMG_20180910_211528%5B2%5D IMG_20180910_211603%5B1%5D

Okay, thanks!

I’m interest in the motor mount depending on how much it costs to ship to the UK?

The shipping costs will be about 9€:zwinkern:

Okay. I’ll leave @Acido to see if he wants it as they were here first but otherwise I think I’ll have it :+1:

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I do not care who buys it;)

Hi, I would be interest in the 12s charger. I know you sell it with the battery, but I wanted to let you know, just in case you decide to sell it separately. Thx

thanks, i do not like the mount anyways :slight_smile:

Price update! Battery: 500€!

Is that a 12S5P? It looks so small :sweat_smile:

but its fat AF probably

Jes, it is a 12s5p battery! Check out: https://eskating.eu/product/square-12s5p-eskating-electric-mountainboard-battery-samsung-30q/