EU Wheel Pulley

Where can I find a cheap 36T wheel pulley for 90mm Stickies? I live in germany


@rwxr and @Titoxd10001 are doing a Europe pulley buy, maybe you can still jump on…

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Thanks for the tag. Actually its a 40t 15mm, but I use them all the time on my 90mm wheels for extra torque. Also have the motor pulley that goes with it. Should be available in EU in two weeks

Hi! I have 3d printed Nylon and carbon pulleys 36T in 9,12 and 15mm

I would buy both pulleys please. How does that go? Should I mail you?

Thanks for the option, but I would rather have steel pulleys.

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I’ll probably make a new thread for EU customers, but I’ll post on this thread when they arrive and link to the new thread. Should be 2 weeks depending on how long it takes to get through customs and @rwxr will be shipping

Should I wait for the EU Thread or can I buy them now?

Would be best if you waited for EU thread. Want to make sure they get there safely. I sent over a bunch so there shouldn’t be a shortage, at least for couple of weeks

I’ll wait, thanks!

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i’ll wait too :slight_smile: 2 sets of motor pullies for France please !

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