(EU) Wowgo 2s for parts (New Sanyo 8.4Ah battery)

Hi guys, I’ve got a used wowgo 2s for parts. The board turns on, pairs with the remote, but it won’t accelerate. I suppose the ESC is dead. The original battery has been upgraded to a Sanyo 8Ah from wowgo and only has ~20 cycles on it. Sadly the esc died shortly after the battery was changed. I upgraded the bushings, the rest is stock.

The deck, wheels and motors have ~1200km on them. Pictures attached.

It was my first esk8 and it’s been a great boar. I loved every single km on it but I need to cut the expenses and get some money back to furnish my newly acquired apartment. Instead of paying 50€ for a new ESC I hope to get 200€ from it (which is the cost of the battery alone).

PU in pretty good shape after 1200km (The dead ESC)

Hit me up !


In uk interested send me a shipping quote

Cheapest is the French Post office and says 28e We can split it if you wish.

K I will see

Are these the replaceable urethane wheels or not

Can you get all up in that ESC and see what failed? Is there a blown component, or did it squeak out and die?

No, but iirc you can technically buy replacement urethane anyway. But its rather uneconomical, only $10 less than just getting a new hub

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Might be interested in taking the battery if other deal falls through

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i dont really want deck only battery and maybe hubs depending on condition

i prefer paying less for shipping and buying without deck and hubs

No they’re the first editions. But you can get at least what I got from them I’d say given their condition atm.

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I wish I knew. I arrived home one day and it stopped working… There is literally no sign of why its not working…

Hey… I assume this board has been sold? Or is it still available?