[EU] WTB 12s BMS 80a


looking for the BMS D596 (https://www.litechpower.com/product-detail/HCX-D596LI12S80A_08.html#). I want to connect 12S1p LiPos.

Shipping should go to germany.

Thx Andreas

Fyi, while you can call it 12s1p, its often actually lipos taped together, often 6S are actually 12 lipo cells in 6S2P.

Anyway, look on Ebay for charging ones and wire around the BMS for discharge, or https://eskating.eu/product-category/bestech-bmss/?v=79cba1185463

I’ll use two 6S1P zippy compact in series so I’m pretty sure that they are 12s1p.

Right, but if they’re 5000Mah, it could be 12 2500Mah lipo cells taped together.

Hey! I have new bestech 12s d596 for sale. 60eur + shipping (probably under 10 eur)

Great, which values did you choose for the adjustable ones (“over charge detection voltage”, “over charge release voltage”, “over discharge detection voltage” and “over discharge release voltage”)?

Here is data sheet for my bms:


Yeah ok. I personally see a problem in the “over discharge detection voltage” which is 2.8V. As I understood this is quite too low for LiPos and should be set to 3.0V.

On the other hand: I probably can use the over discharge detection in the VESC but I wonder how other people are doing this since I know that some are also using the D596 with LiPos.

I see that some people consider even 3.6v on lipo empty, but I never saw bms with over discharge set at 3.6v. you can set up cut off voltage in vesc setting and everything will be okay. In my opinion, main function of bms is cell balancing function, and in this specific bms, e-switch.

Additionally it also makes a difference when you measure the current voltage. If you measure during load then you probably should cut-off earlier (e.g. 3.6v). See also https://marinehowto.com/under-load-battery-voltage-vs-soc/ for rest vs. under-load voltage.

Back to the topic: Is the BMS new or did u use it already?

well, if you meassure under load, because of voltage sag, temporary voltage will be lower than real voltage without load. for example, if you pull throttle, voltage will drop from 3.8v to 3.6v, but when you release it, voltage will stabilise back on 3.8v after few seconds. high discharge lipos should have minimal voltage sag. article you linked is about lead acid batteries, I have never heard that li ion or lipo battery will have higher voltage under load. when you brake hard, yes, but under load, never.

bms is new and packed, actually DHL should deliver it today.