[EU] [WTB] 2x ATS.12 Trucks and 2x Sensored Motors 50xx or 63xx


I am looking for 2x MBS ATS.12 Trucks since they are sold out on mbseurope :confused: I really don’t mind if they are heavenly used, since they will get some abuse and wont stay in mint condition anyway :wink: Same applies for the motors. I am looking for two sensored motors to upgrade my dual belt MTB to AWD. Size doesn’t really matter :upside_down_face: since there is already enough power…just not enough traction. Condition doesnt matter, as long as they are working.


Not sure if this is up your alley or not but I just bought the mbs colt 90 constellation as a starter for my eMTB. Comes with 2 ats 12 trucks, 4 fivestar hubs, 4 tires, tubes, bearings, bindings, and a beautiful looking deck. Might be a few extra pieces you don’t need but they run for $180 usd with their generic coupon. A great value for all you get in my opinion. Hopefully it’s in stock in your country!

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