[EU] WTB HTD M5 Motor pulley 10mm bore

Hey people,

I am looking for a Motor pulley with 10mm bore. 9/12mm width. Last thing to complete my build :slight_smile: So hit me up if you have anything and are within the EU.

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I have 15mm :slight_smile:

Or I can bore a 9mmwide with a 10mm drill :slight_smile:

I have a 9mm 15t :slight_smile:

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Unfortunately 10mm bore is so unusual :confused: No major shops in EU have it…

Pm’d ! Thanks ! :slight_smile:

@e.board_solutions Thanks mate, but I don’t have good experiences drilled pulleys.


uhu, I will keep in mind for my next order :slight_smile:

bore holes Ø6mm, Ø8mm and Ø10mm

Do you have any pulleys with keyway for 8mm shaft? :slight_smile:

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Mate faradaymotion got em for 10mm shaft. I can give you a discount code if you want it

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@fottaz has 10mm bore :wink:

Just seen it. But the shipping would be as expensive as the pulley itself :confused: Not looking to spend 20€ on a pulley…

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Thanks ! But they are 15mm width. My shaft is too short for that.

I’ll wait for @fraannk ^^

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not yet, next batch will have keyway but I think @fottaz has them :slight_smile:

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What about belting online?

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