[EU] WTB: Nickel Belt for 18650 welding

Guys I am out of nickel belt (see below) and so is nkon. Need to finish a battery ASAP so is there anyone in Europe who could “hook a brother up”?

Why do you need this specific type and don’t just use normal nickel strips?

Is there any benefit to the ‘belt’?

It is very quick and convenient to use. Also fewer welds —> fewer potential points of failure. I try to make the batteries as perfect as possible.

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I only have nickel strips. I always thought that with this belt type you won’t have enought metal surface for the current and moroeover the limited welding space makes difficult to stack multiple layers. I should dig more. Hope you will find them… :smile:

Yeah if I don’t ill just use normal strip. And you’re right, I would not use it for dual vesc6 10s6p monsters.

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I have some. Not sure about thickness and plated or pure as i have never used It.

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Fucxxxing expensive :confounded:


Some hope :laughing:


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Okay thanks, I need to work on my interwebs skills.

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Nkon has them i believe

i clicked Reply on @acido’s message…

I make These mistakes too… :smiley: maybe you are speaking of different warehouses?




@Okami may be able to part with some to sell you from Latvia

I’m gonna jump in this train.

I’m building a 10s5p pack. If someone has some nickel belt left from their build that wants it sold let me know. I have found in ebay. But it takes long time with shipping and also costs a bit to much for my taste.

I live in Norway by the way

I read the title of this thread as “wtb nickelback for EU” Instantly two questions came to mind

  1. how did you guys keep them out ?
  2. why would you want to let them in?

I got a 1kg spool on they way idk when it will come

I’ll keep that in mind for the future :).