[EU] WTB TorqueBoards Trucks 218mm


I hope any fellow Europeans have bought a bit more than a single pair of TB 218mm trucks. :smirk:

I would gladly give them a nice loving home, for a price.

Shipping would be to Vilnius, Lithuania.

https://street-wing.com @DavidBanner

Lithuanian winter LoL have fun man.

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We haven’t had proper snow in years. :smiley:

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Got a set for 77€, topic can be closed.

Damn that’s a good buy! Any more at that price?

I will get back to you after I receive mine to be sure(drop me a PM so I don’t forget). Maybe I just got goofed, but most likely not. :slight_smile:

Damn, sounds too good to be true, would love to get a set at that price!

That’s what I thought too. Let’s just wait(~1week shipping) and see I guess. Fingers crossed. :smiley: