[EU] WTS Dickyho Airless AT kit with some free items

I am looking to sell my Dickyho airless AT kit, I have been using it for about 50 miles and is selling to go back to traditional wheels as this has been a bit big for me to take with me on campus

The kit includes the trucks, motor mounts, motors, wheels and the rear bracket.

IMG_20190629_003458 IMG_20190629_003543 IMG_20190629_003511 IMG_20190629_003440 IMG_20190629_003603

The deck is not for sale but whoever buys the kit can also have my Diyeboard 2.1 ESC with remote for free, and also some 1. gen dickyho mounts for caliber trucks 945109d6764f1444663caf63073e743320eed82b_2_750x1000 54392ae61f2a8bb9383bda45425fdae829745ea9_2_1332x1000

Looking for 199 USD excluding shipping

If you want to know more or get shipping cost feel free to leave a reply below!

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Hello? Are you there @sanderfu?

Again, @sanderfu, I am very interested in these items. I have Pm’d you a few times with no response,.so are these items no longer for sale? Or is there some other reason you are not contacting me or returning my messages? Please contact me at your earliest opportunity and let me know. Thank you for your time.

Hello sorry the kit got sold locally here in Norway a few days ago @SlimSh8y

The thread may be closed by whoever is doing that task nowadays :slight_smile:

It was only posted on the 29th @sanderfu, that was only two days ago and I messaged you the same day, actually within a couple hours of it posting. it woulda been real nice if you woulda told me this shit “a few days ago”. Who cares who closes threads nowadays? Cuz there’s no reason at all that you couldn’t have either messaged me back or actually posted that it’s already gone right here on this page when it sold so people don’t spend days trying to reach you about it. Thanks a lot for the consideration… NOT.

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