[EU] WTS: Focbox single, 10s5p battery, 18650 cells, 5065 motors

Hi, Because there was no interest in buying my whole board im parting it out, and selling some stuff i dont use. I want to get some money for my next build.

Focbox 1.7v used - 110 euro

Battery 10s5p Sanyo NCR18650GA 17.5Ah used for like 30 cycles because of huge range - 180 euro including bms and charge port.

You can put new schrink wrap on and it will look like new.

UR18650SA not very well known cells from Sanyo, rated for 1250mah 18a, perfect for budget build, got 33 pcs- 60 euro for all of them

2x5065 motors 320kv 1820W- 25 euro for 1

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the battery is protected with foam under the shrink

pming you for the focbox

Focbox still avaiable if anybody wonders


Guys, please tell me if i got the prices wrong. Thanks.

No prices are listed, so how would we know if they’re wrong?

maybe you couldnt see them


Didn’t see it said euros after reading it twice…


I don’t know if you price are wrong but if you ask for propositions, I would take the focbox if the price includes shipping. But as you know shipping cost to me is a bitch so I’d understand if you say no.

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Price drop! Focbox- 100 euro, Battery 160 euro,18650’s- 50 euro, motors- 20E each

Just a lil’ post of appreciation to all of this community, you guys hammer home the mantra of wearing helmets and that saved me today. I dished out the money for a nice full face lifer because of y’all, and after hitting a pot hole going about 32 down hill I went flying and smashed my head on the ground at mach speed. The sound it made was terrifying but i’m not dead because of that mantra. Only damage to my body was my hands and forearm, but other than that I walked away from what would’ve killed me. Not sure exactly what the point of this post is other than to express my gratitude and thanks to all of you. Thank you, and be safe.


Wow! Glad you’re okay and glad you had the helmet on. You might have to replace the helmet, afaik helmets are good for hard impact. Stay safe man!