[EU] [WTS] Orangatang Kegels, 15mm belts, Paris V2

Hi guys, I have some things for sale:

  • Maytech VESC with 6x heatsinks on Mosfets and one big capacitor instead of them three, it has bootloader flashed, everything works flawlessly; 70 EUR
  • Orangatang Kegels 80mm, 80a, in very good condition, used for a month, a little over 100km’s on them; 45 EUR
  • a pair of Paris trucks V2, 180mm. They are in used shape, still ride amazing. I’ve trimmed down one side so I could fit the motor mount. I’ll throw in the 3D printed motor mount too; 30 EUR
  • Alu wheel pulley for Orangatang Kegels, 36T, 12mm, great condition; SOLD

PM for shipping, if somebody wants to take more items I can entertain offers too. I’ll ship tracked from Slovenia, Europe.

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esk8.de sells them for 54 euro a piece 36t

I know. Trying to get a cheaper option if possible. If not, I know where to get, thanks.

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@idea is your man for printed ones

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+1 that. Idea has it made regarding prints for orangatangs and abec 11s (clones too). Edot: also maybe try trampa’s alu ones. Ive never used them but have seen them online when I was searching.

Thanks for the suggestions guys! Searching for 218mm trucks from Torqueboards or similar.

Bump, have some items for sale.

bump 10char

Pulley turned up in super quick time. Many thanks!

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Interested in the trucks, im in croatia i can pay with some kind of wire transfer or pay when the trucks arrive im not 18 so i can not pay you by paypal

Well, do you know anyone who could pay in your behalf over paypal? Bank transfer could be possible too. Let me know over PM.

SK3, VESC and some Lipos have been added.

How much is shipping of the wheels to Switzerland?

14,29 EUR tracked (1.1 kg)

Bump titty bump!

where is sk3 and lipos?

Sold. 10char

lol… :joy:

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I’ve added 2x 265mm 5M HTD 15mm width belts. 10EUR per piece.

Bump! 10char