[EU] WTS TRAMPA ORRSOM complete board without ๐Ÿ”‹ pack

Hello , I got for sale complete Trampa orrsom board used lightly this summer But selling without battery , because due safety consern

Deck : trampa orrsom 15ply

Enclosure : trampa underbaord battery cover for dual motor setup

Truck : 12fifties with venom barrel 95a bushings (yeah im heavyweight )

Wheel : stickies from trampa 81a with alu 37t slave pulley

Motors : trampa 154kv with 14t pinion

Motor mounts : basic trampa.mounts

Electronics : 2x vescโ€™s 6plus with ble Dongle

Controller : normal maytech ppm joystick with receiver

There is small parts were i not mention but i will include with board to :wink:

asking 1250euro + shipping only europe

If you interest more , write pm please

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Up ,price down 1180

@Auris you might have a better chance to sell over at forum. this forum is old and has problems, most of us โ€˜โ€˜migratedโ€™โ€™ over to forumโ€ฆ Also, shipping a battery is fine within europe, i had someone ship a battery from the uk to france and it cost 15Euro, if it is ground shipping then you donโ€™t need to tell the shipping company, but make sure to disconnect everything before shipping the board and battery to avoid discharge and fire hazard. it is super rare to have li-ions catch fire. Cheers

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