[EU] WTS Unused FOCBOX 140€

Titles says it all :slight_smile: It’s located it Denmark so that would be the easiest place to mail it to :slight_smile:


Is that really neccesary? It’s a foxbox. I’ll put some images up tommorow, i hope that will be ok :slight_smile:

Sorry, I don’t make the rules. I think this category was originally intended for people who sell parts on a regular basis

Oh, i can move to the other one

It’s always a good idea to post pics anyway. Also there are more than one version of the focbox

Yes pls posts pic. I image google the pics to find out if the picture is stolen from somwhere. If it’s not, I feel more secure in buying a product from a person I don’t personally know over the internet :slight_smile:

There you go =D