EUR _Group Buy - 100-102€ VESC 6.6 Flipsky

Yeah… Not really smart if both +12v wires are used.

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Yes, we have done extensive testing of the flip 6.6 units. Both units. The fully enclosed and the one pictured above with just heat sink. The fully enclosed unit was tested in Vermont and in Texas. In both regions north/south USA the units showed higher temperatures during normal operation more so in hill climbing. In the north it is less due to climate. Texas heat and humidity punish anything sealed or partially sealed. Then you add an enclosure, it creates a heat envelope ( double ) with no ventilation.

Now the stand alone with fined heat sink. That unit is geared for a more hot humid climate. It preforms well inside an enclosure and doesn’t have the overheating issue. It also makes it more size friendly. Once you get setup and the correct version of vesc tool it’s like most esc units. The true test will come in longevity and of course that takes time.


Which vesc tool do you use it? Did you test it with ackmaniac vesc tool?

It’s not necessary to use both 12v. But as you can see their engineers supplied the diagram. It’s only to engage the function and as long as the switch it’s self ( pushbutton ) is rated for 24v it’s not a concern.

I have not tested it on anything other than vesc tool latest version. The first of next year we will start playing with different programs from outside the Vedder camp

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That’s a great question. One I am having trouble giving reasons for Esther way. It really boils down to preference. The anti spark switch function on the fsesc6.6 is bypassed if no switch is plugged in. Note the switches they supply are dinky and feel fragile in your hand. Space would be a factor. I like being able to change a fuse if it blows. So that’s one for a Vedder or external switch. I also like a bigger pushbutton switch compared to what they supply. imageimageimage

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So the push bottom has to be at least 24V this time. Good that I didn’t order the 12V yet :laughing:

Most are duel rated. AC/DC The 12v denomination usually is for the led. Most pushbutton self latching buttons are 5-10A/ 30-60v DC. higher for AC



Did you test the ERPM limit is it gone?

So this 24V version should be fine. 16mm Metal Latching Locking Push Button Switch LED Light Car 5V 12V 24V 220V Red Blue Green Waterproof Stainless Steel 1NO 1NC to Clipboard Thx for the help :grin:

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I have not tested the limits for the ERPM. And I’m not aware if they have removed it all together. But I will ask the rep. For the switch I believe so. You will have to wire it differently from standard because of it being 4 prong and 3 wire. I have some pictures of the switch they use and how it’s wired. I will post for you.

Thx a lot! I will then wait for ordering it

You are going for 3 pieces? I guess you probably need tracked delivery :slight_smile:

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Untracked is fine for me. Otherwise let me know how much it would be for the tracked one. Yes 3 pieces. I just need to know if the ERPM limit is gone.

I think tracked is like £12-£13 to belgium? I think you are in belgium

Correct! I will think about but not a big deal anyway. Thx

Yea. It’s a 5 pin.



Thx a lot. Do you think we also have to put the 1K resistor? It’s like to prevent the led from blow up, I guess. So this the one I posted. Seems the same no? 12525690141017985003556585600-430974242