Europe calling | Paris 180mm trucks| Sk3 6364 245kv | 2x ZIPPY Flightmax 5000mAh 3S1P 25C I welding mount I Enertion standard VESC I

Hi guys,

I saw this awesome video how to build your eskate for 450 dollars… Well it turned out to be significantly more with shipping, but what the heck, I can just feel the breeze in my hair. I do need a bit of help to get there.

I also got a pulley system from enertion, a FS-GT2B from ebay and a bit of a cheap cruiser deck(103cm) that looked ok.

So far only the trucks and wheels have arrived and unfortunately I screwed up by not noticing they were round (truck bars). Soo I guess I ll weld them to the mount that I will make myself. Electronics will be a bit of a problem since I dont have much experience except basic soldering and 3d printing skills. I will 3D print the enclosure after everything arrives.

My main questions at the moment are:

  1. Was there someone with a project like this one so I can copy :D? 2.Exact mount dimensions?
  2. I see a lot of you are using fuses, do I need one for the VESC?
  3. Where can I get a good/cheap battery meter?
  4. Did someone make STL files for the enclosure so I can print it?
  5. Is there something I am missing for the build?!

For everything that I am missing and is of a decent price to order in Europe please let me know so I can aquire it.

Thanks for caring

motor mounts?

You should try and get caliber trucks if you dont have a welder

I decided to make a mount myself (a lot of people did it with basic tools) and then have someone weld it to the trucks.

I dunno if this is a legit way to go?

Thanks for the thingiverse page, I ll definitely use this. What about the fuse and battery meters?

Thank you very much! I just bought it… How about the fuse though, will I burn my enertion VESC without one?

Cant help you there, never owned a VESC.

But the motors i linked are good :slight_smile:

Any suggestion on these motor mounts?

I got an SK3 and enertion pulley system with 180 paris trucks and 83mm wheels. Where can I find a sketch and correct dimensions on how to make my own mount?

Was this the video.

Are you gonna use calibers or Paris trucks?

Im using Paris trucks…

I think @psychotiller has on his site.

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