Europe FOCBOX Round 2 - Speed Ball 20/20 Full!


GUess what. The offer for cheap FOCBOx controllers still stands. This will be fast and dirty but contact me if you want in a great ESC at a bargain deal - and without import/trans-atlantic shipping costs.

FOCBOX controllers- 115euros each plus Europe shipping from Spain. Line starts here

Need orders and payment by the 3rd at absolute latest. I have believe I will have 20 to sell…come get em.

dannyboy -1 PAID zeah - 2 PAID Akira -1PAID Trans-amers - 2 + canbus?PAID LukePL - 1 PAID capfirepants - 2 PAID- needs to pay 7€ shipping ElskerShadow -2 PAID @abctheing - 3 Partial PAYMENT Rodrigo ( WhatsApp)- 1 @SilentException - 1 PAID @gguillou - 1 PAID @Riako - 2 PAID @Bloop - 2 PAID @Crossfire - 1 PAID

Waitlist - @rich -2 @Bad_Hospital - 1

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Are you just chucking all these in your hold bags???

They will each be wrapped in a layer of bubble and taken in my carry on

Maybe 5 in checked bag…customs gets anal after that about more than 5 for personal use.

I am a highschool tech teacher in Spain and run private robotics clubs…they are my private property as far as anyone is concerned…which I may send to some friends


I’m in! You know I’m in already, but just to be extra clear: I am in! Just tell me when to pay. I presume same PayPal account as before?

(now to carry on settling my baby down so can carry on soldering my spot welder together!)

I´ll take 2.

Cool for payment - Same as listed here:

Again need it by the 5th

Question. So If I have one 4.12 vesc and wan´t dual drive. can I use a focbox and the standard 4.12 together?

No idea , haven’t seen this tried before. My first thought would be no, parts and therefore coding wouldnt be the same. Stop me if I’m totally wrong -@onloop

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I’d be interested in 2 if you can squeeze them into your bag.

Hi, Please add me on the list for one.

2 for me please!

I’ve left you a message! I would like 1 please :blush:

Done you on the list

You on the list as well

And one for you…

When are you shipping these? I would like one also :slight_smile:

I will be shipping hopefully late Aug, and you are down for one.

I’m out, i need it asap :pensive:

cool no worries