Europe GB - CLOSED!

Here are some images:

And a couple of shoutouts @JuniorPotato93 for the designs @jackw For helping me with designs @TarzanHBK For the pics and the support

Prices arent final, some may rise or fall.


Alright anything that i haven’t listed there and you need just ask, i may be able to source them!

Notifying people of GB @Poseidon for the wheels @adrian009 for the wheels @Charster10 for maybe vesc and probably controller @bardialongo maybe for a vesc @Bazingazunga vesc? @littlem39 you messaged me a week ago @boyceUK you messaged me 10 days ago :slight_smile:


Are the caliber clone trucks for the pair or each?..not clear from description.

Are you likely to have motors for sale regular or just on group buys?

Price for a pair, updated it just now.

I will think about including motors; it will probably happen.

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Thanks to quote me :slight_smile: I need actually a VESC! I’m thinking about a motor mount. For sure i’ll take the vesc, if the estimated time is the same as the motor! About the battery pack, will it be complete? will it be soldered with BMS and cables?

Put me down for a winning controller if you can get in the next 3 weeks

I will take a Mini Remote and one pair of 97mm Wheels.

What colour?

PM’d :grin:

Hey man might order some things from you again, getting loads of interest of costumers to build them a board.

If you could get a price for the benchwheel remote + receiver would be awesome :slight_smile:

Also are the mount reliable and in black ? :smiley:

Motor mount is reliable and they come in matte black, @JuniorPotato93 can tell you all about them as he designed them himself.

Ill message benchwheel tonight

If you need any longboard decks I might be able to help.

Do you just create boards for people that want to get into eboards?


Well ill finish my new one first and then yes :stuck_out_tongue: Most people are student friends, however theyre not ready yet to spend such an amount of money. So i keep my boards limited at 700€. Kinda like the @anon46525265 build. Will make a thread soon.

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Hey Mark, motor mounts are solid. They have exceptional ground clearance and fit super snug to the trucks. They aren’t going anywhere once you clamp them down. These fit the SK3 6355 and the 6374.

One piece mount means it’s solid and fixed angle. You can use 1/4 spacers on a 29 inch wheelbase and it will likely touch the deck if you max out your turn. Because of this I use a 1/2 spacer and you don’t come close to touching at a ridiculously tiny turn radius


Well if they fit @ajaynagra his 6374 motors, i might take one and also the benchwheel remote.

It will be a complete pack with BMS and connectors

Motors will have a MOQ of 20

Might be up for a vesc. Same shipping for a vesc only to DK?

5-7 euros to dk

I’d be up for a pair of trucks and a 10s3p battery. About the battery, is it possible to know the exact specs (amps of the bms, welding method etc) and have a switch and lcd voltage indicator on it?

I would be in for 2 Motors if it happens.

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