Europe, let's help Muirskate clear some of their stock!

I want to order things from them to Switzerland, I’m sure we could fit a whole lot more into the box. EU guys, do you need anything? Only items under 1kg, so shipping stays at CHF 23 around EU.

A few have already expressed interest so post here what you are looking for, and I’ll let all you know through PM what the final prices with shipping and other fees will be : )

@Acidfie @Acido @trancejunkiexxl @moon @briman05 @Jammeslu let me know what you guys wanted


Wheels 80mm

Thought you’d never ask… pm

It be easier if you share the exact product you are looking for!

It would also be easier if 99% of awesome products wasn’t out of stock :worried:

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Do you need anything?

True, it be even easier if they wouldn’t be closing!

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Sorry, already orderd for a better price

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I am looking for electronic skateboard wheel 80mm please

These are the only 80mm "electronic skateboard wheels’ they have. You want them?

Else, you can get these by yourself.

Thank boost will wait out

So do you want them or is that a no?

I need them but I am over my budget and need to return some item I bought from hobby king

Got 48hours left.