EUROPE- motor,controller,pulley,wheel group buy


97MM 75A Wheels 90MM 75A Wheels 83MM 78A Wheels

27.50 EUROS

11 EUROS Shipping to Europe

£3 shipping to UK

90MM - 3 Sets left

97MM - 1 Sets left

83MM - None left tell me if you need



Yo I’ll take a set of 83mm’s! Also i commented on your nano for sale earlier in a different thread bundle that in with mine too :slight_smile: I presume it has a receiver come with it right?

Yep and I’ll note you down. How urgently do you need the controller

Not at all mate, controllers useless if i don’t have wheels :wink:


Well, i’m up for the 90mm wheels and a controller, but since i need a motor as well maybe you should ship them all together to save money, i can wait the time needed

I like 1 set of the 97mm 75a Which color are they?

shoot! I think I screwed up. I’m US not Europe. can you pull me of…how much would shipping be?

Custom colour, i should make a poll

i guess i can take you off

5 to 7 working days delivery aim £16.30*

International Economy 42 days delivery aim £10.75*

take me off. The shipping doesn’t justify as it’s clones. Sorry for the confusion

No probem its quite a lot for shipping


I am not quite sure if things got mixed up a bit (with the other group buy) - in total I was planning to have:

  • 1 set of 90MM 75A Wheels
  • 1 6374 Motor
  • 1 Mini Controller

I hope it is not gone missing with the forms and everything :wink: As for shipping - would it be possible to get all parts shipped together?

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That’s the exact same for me

Thx @ajaynagra! Just say when we have to pay and i’ll trow a small digital wallet :slight_smile:

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@SirDiff @mrpj

Yeah i am sorry the google forms were quite messed up ill note you down now

Trying to get a small batch of controllers and motors just for you guys

all parts can be shipped at the same time of course.

Chinese holiday btw so this might be a bit of a wait.

Thanks - and no worries about waiting (and things like chinese holidays). I am grateful that you organise all of this. I’ve sent you a quick message, hat I also will be away till Tuesday and check mails etc. less frequently. If there’s anything (like payments) - I will get to it latest on Tuesday

ouh! would be nice to have 2 colors on my two sets of 83mm :slight_smile:

What will be the colours of the wheels. Black or blue will be fine for me.


I would be interested in a set of the 97mm 75A wheels, delivered to UK.


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Could everyone tell me what colour they want please