Europe - motors,esc,wheels,controllers Group Buy {Polar Boards}

Ok guys I am planning to buy a lot from China for Polar EU ware house if you could fill this form out it will help a lot

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I’m up for a 90mm flywheel clones group buy

I am looking at 83mm but i am sure i can find someone that does both

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I really want 97mm Wheels, so I am up for that if that is possible :slight_smile:

18 Dollars saved if anyone is interested

I`d be interested in a group buy - been scouting around and most of the vendors are overseas and price are killed by shipping costs and import fees.

My findings so far:

Scouting around alibaba most of the vendors ask for 50sets or 500-1000 wheels as minimum quantity.

I`d be in for a group buy for soft duro and > 83mm

@ajaynagra what`s your plan/idea for a group buy in general?

Well i have already got a quote for 83MM wheels i can get custom duros and rebounds.

just received an email saying they have 90*52 wheels i can get custom duros and rebounds.

Shipping from UK to EU - 7 Euros compared to amazons 8 Euros Shipping from UK to UK - £3 3 day delivery.

I would take 2 x 97mm if that is possible. Where do they produce the blank wheels and which company exactly.

a factory in Shenzhen, China

Maybe we can ask them to send directly to each person but do the order in one go. Because that means for them less office work. They only have to pack a couple of parcels with what they are maybe ok. And shipping from China can be very cheap. And we might get a huge number of forum people to order and lower the price by that. And if the price is then below 25 euro it would also be tax free. (in Germany)

They generally dont do that because its not in their interest to distribute small quantities of orders individually. I will being doing the office work as i would need to ship the wheels out myself. This shipment will not be cheap by any means 20 wheels costs 60 Dollars to ship and so did the controllers last time

Still available if anyone in UK needs (Enertion Flywheel clones):

What about this:

  • describe which wheels could be in the group buy (size + durometer) and if you know the estimated cost
  • let`s create a document where people can note what they would order + where they live for calculating shipping costs

If we find enough people and you are willing to do the office work (organization, shipping) we can have a group buy?

If you are not to keen on all the other work, I can offer myself with helping here - yet I live in Germany - don`t know if shipping costs to/from germany are cheaper than the uk

I am personally interested in 90mm soft duro (75/78 ?) wheels. Also would be interested in a pair of 83 (and/or 97) wheels for comparison

Another idea I had: If we find enough people per country - you could just post one shipment from the uk to that country and then the people arrange for other shipments themselve? - less work for you, but I am not sure if this increases the overall price by a significant amount

On a side note: I was thinking of doing a larger buy and just simply reselling them via ebay - but I don`t have the money to spare for the moment

my friend i´m probably down for 2 sets. have to tell my kids there´s no candy under the tree this december because uncle ajay is forcing me to buy cool stuff! (don´t worry i have no kids) :monkey:


Ill create a form and ask what they want.

I don’t mind doing the office work to be honest it doesn’t take me long.

Some one can help out if they want

I could do some work also, located in The Netherlands here. I would like to buy atleast 4 sets of 90mm wheels :slight_smile:

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Updated first post with a form :slight_smile:

In the Netherlands, just ordered mine from the US. Should be getting them this week. Damn :wink: Including shipping I paid €45 for mine, including those bearings and stuff I don’t really need.

@ajaynagra No option for 97mm Wheels with soft duro?