Europe Raptor 2 Group buy

@rwxr wants to know who’s down for a group buy!

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@ExFr: Where are you located?

Im actually in the US until may 2017 i will come back to France

Ok, but I guess you’ll want to have it delivered to your address in France?

Got it ! Youre from sweden right ?

Correct! I think the shipping cost from enertion eu-warehouse is similar to both sweden and france so shouldn’t be a problem. Can you confirm @onloop?

@ExFr: I’m ready to order whenever and we can use my credit card if you transfer funds to me. I know that there’s a certain level of trust needed for collaborations like this and we can use a middle man if @Michaelinvegas is up for the hassle again, but there will be conversion fees.

I’ve already lost about $50 in fees when I sent Mike money and he sent back less than 24h from 5x group buy because shipping 4 boards to USA and 1 to sweden was complicated so I would rather see that you and med can work something out on our own. I can provide you with my full info with address, workplace etc if needed.

I understand you ! I have a big week working in the city !Michael sond like he can be trusted with 1M dollars so it will be even beter !:slight_smile: btw if you want info on me you can mp I know im new on this forum !

Well at the very least half a million…

A customer a while back when I was a casino host asked me to walk him to his buddy’s room and then back to his room…I went along with him… stopped at his mates room and picked up a big duffle bag :briefcase:… shit was heavy…He said help me with that …so I picked it up and walked out into the hall…as we where walkin’ down …he says, “How’s it feel walking around with with half a million dollars?” …Bag had cash and diamonds :gem:… yeah…abt the only time I thought abt making a run for it lol

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Fun story ! I remember my boss asked me take 5 machines in the car and keep them for the next day appointment in the city . The next day he say “no problem with the 50k itch machines " 250k euro for agrochemicals toy working only on windows 95 --”

I am considering to join the group buy - what would the final price be?

If it was in AUD I could tell you lol

But it’s USD 899 plus shipping

The exchange rate changes it a little so it’s around that price

Count me in. how many spots are still missing?

What’s the next steps?

@mrpj: Where are you located? Me and @ExFr are already working on a 2x group buy. I think it will be more expensive with a 3x, but I’ll look into it.

Ok I need to go to my bank to open wire trasfer .

I am from Germany. Can’t we mix the group buy with the us one?

No, they’re shipping from different locations.

Let me know how it goes ASAP please :slight_smile:

Hey really hope that 2 more people join. the group buy price would be a steal :wink:

Ok so who’s in??

Count me in