[Europe] something something for sale

I have no use (right now) for a few things:


Brand new never used nor mounted

Dicky wheel pulleys 40t 17mm for abec 30€ shipped for the pair.


Brand new never used nor mounted

Dicky mounts for caliber+idlers 30€ shipped for the pair.[sold]


Brand new never used nor mounted

Electricboardsolutions steel anodized mounts for caliber 50€ shipped.


Used for 10km like new[sold]

Alienpower pulleys 17mm 32t+ abec adapter and retainer 30€ shipped for the pair.

And last but not least:

My soul. It’s very used and has plenty of scratches and black spots due to continuous sins. Buy now before It goes to hell.

250k€+a bag of gummy bears. I will only accept haribo. Firm.


I’ll take those pulleys

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Hey man if you’re interested in selling one of the dicky mounts im interested

Only pair. I will not sell one only

I would like to buy your soul, what is your favourite Haribo Flavour (I have all the good German stuff)

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also interested in the soul
with what bodies is it compatible?
also if it’s so heavilly used, why it’s still worth 250k?


People struggling for my soul…interesting. maybe i should rise the price :sunglasses:


Ill give you £20 and access to my adult snapchat for those dicky pulleys if no one else shows interest.


savage @brenternet

Shippings to uk are above 10 pounds… The price is firm. If no one wants them i will keep them. Eventually i will use them for sure

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Fair enough. Pm me for snapchat access anyway babes :heart_eyes:


Iam interested in the dickho mounts let’s make the purchase. Ur PayPal account? How mutch 4 shipping to Sweden

The price is shipped. Deal with me in private. We can’t share data in public realms

Aps wheel pulleys gone

Dicky mounts gone

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