[Europe] Sony Konion VTC6 18650 Cells (Brand New), 3120mAh/up to 30A (with optional spot welding service)

I have hundreds of these cells, brand new in original packaging left from a larger EV project. Prices depend on how many you want. Since I’m in Germany, I think shipping only makes sense within Europe.

I also have a spot welder, so if you’d want me to create a pack for you, that could be arranged.

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nice - you should probably give a base price though so that people get an idea. Otherwise you will be flooded with PMs asking for individual offers


Would be interested in 10S-2P spotweldet with balancer leads. Price and Time for delivery. Located in Germany too.

Cheers Jenso

the base price is 6€ per cell

that would be 150€.

You should however consider that above 15A draw per cell, they produce more heat. so at 2P, 30A constant draw is perfectly fine, and while the cells can deliver 30A per cell, since eskate batteries usually don’t have ventilation, they’ll get much hotter at that current draw which may reduce life. so don’t plan for your board to draw 60A constant. that should be the absolute maximum.

oh and do you only need balance leads or a certain plug at the end? because depending on the bms board you want to use they can differ.

oh - 6€ is quite a lot though nkon offers them for 5.99€ https://eu.nkon.nl/sony-us18650vtc6.html

Send you a PM

depending on how many you need the price can be lower.

I would be interested in 50 cells. Shipped to Switzerland. What would that cost?

Greetings from the Hills

So they’re actually 15a continuous and 30a pulse? Does this rule apply to all brands of Li-ion cells?

No. They’re 15A continuous under any case. 30A continuous with temp cutoff at 80C and burst up to 40A for 40 seconds, 50A for 19seconds or 80A for 6 seconds


Then you would need to put a temp sensor on the battery cells to utilize a temp cutoff. Or just build for 15a continuous.

that would be the safest. its similar with other cells too, thats why you should always check the data sheet of any cell you want to use.

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That would be 320€ incl. shipping.

How much would it be for 10S2P? and what’s the ah rating? Is a bms included? btw i live in the Netherlands

Price for 10s3p spotwelded?

Hello, do you still have those cells? I would be interested in 60 pcs, with no welding at all, only the cells. If you could give me a good price, I’m really interested in them.

Thank you