EUROPE Spring sale! Belts 12, 15mm

Hi folks,

Sadly I’ll have to part with my DIY board. Everything works flawlessly and is in great condition.

Battery is 5S4P and can be connected in series (10S4P). It has around 200 km clocked and is still performing as expected. I’ve charged the battery in parallel with hobby charger+ server PSU. It was charged around 15 times. I’ll supply the serial cable with 2x XT90 connectors for both batteries, 2x XT60 connectors for Focboxes and antispark XT90 key.

I have all the parts listed in the table below including quantities and prices without shipping.

image All prices are in EUR.

Link to the album: Video:

Shipping is from Slovenia, Europe. I prefer to ship it tracked, I ship worldwide.

intrested in the TB 218. pm

Replied on your pm.

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I’m very interested in the TB218 The Metr dongle and Motor pulleys and wheel pulleys. Let me know

Replied on your PM.

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intrested in your focbox

Replied with all the info.

and prices are in EUR? what model of motor is it?

Yes, prices are in eur. Motor is unbranded, bought from street-wing. Probably a Maytech.

It’s 2 pack of 5S4P but can you tell use the dimensions of each battery pack, please ? Is there a BMS ?

Battery dimension is 410x70 mm for 5S4P. Together they’re 410x145 mm in 10S4P config. No BMS.

just got one of the focbox great buying experience. really helpful seller

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Bump. 10char

You are selling used 30Qs for more than nkon charges for new. Any way you could change to a more reasonable price?

It’s a pack not individual cells

It’s listed as €5 per cell, €200 for 40

But in the OP, it is said :

Can be clearer IMO !

I’ve edited the misunderstanding around the batteries. It’s a ready to go battery - not 40x single cells. Both of them were spot welded with thick metal strips + the batteries are are placed in 3d printed 4 cell holders from my design (

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ABEC wheels still available?