Europe Thanksgiving Torqueboards Truck Buy Full - 9/9

Hola ladies and Gents,

I will be doing a small (I hope) group buy of Torqueboards extended truck while home for the giving of thanks.

These will be at cost plus 17 euros European shipping - these are heavy and I cant afford losing money on group buy shipping any more.

I will be in communication with Dexter to see if we can arrange some type of bulk discount. If you are European and would like to avoid trans-atlantic shipping and stupid import/ export fees please PM me and I’ll start a Google Sheet with your names and payment status/tracking number ect.

As of this morn:

Me @banjaxxed PAID @tux-scooby PAID @zeah PAID @rojitor PAID @Youssless PAID @sMATTEr PAID

are all in.These will be shipped late Nov./ Early December.

Nice job peeps looks like I’m hauling back 7 sets of trucks from the states.

I will take payment via PayPal:

[email protected]

I lost some monies last buy and don’t want to again so im bumping up price 2 euro each to make sure I don’t short myself. 70 euros even … If the difference to ship to you is more than 5 euros I will refund the difference, otherwise consider it a beer for a eskate bro trying to hook some friends up.Please include your forum name, shipping name and address in a note in the PayPal order.


You’re the best santa

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Can I get some while youre in the US if theres a bulk discount?:wink:

Likewise for me please. I’d like a set if we manage a discount :smile:

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Gentleman, you are in or out. These are to be brought back to Europe. I’m not spending my Thanksgiving shipping stuff while I have paid for a return trip to Florida from Spain.

Please PM me if you are European and would like a set of extended trucks…the bulk discount will just be a potential perk IF I CAN!

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i am down for it.

I asked the chat would they do a discount on more than 5 set off trucks in a groupbuy he said they will and to email them I can pm you the email address if you like its just theyr support email.

was tryna see if one truck was available but only in pair still in for a set and at a discount yaaa buuudy

Cool, I prefer messaging Dexter directly to confirm stuff. I am writing him. Waiting to hear back.

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no worries but youll definetly get a discount as were over the 5 nice one for the hook up…and enjoy the thanksgiving bud

wait wait wait…

thanksgiving is in mid-november! so long until i get a break from school!

Thanksgiving doesn’t really move man…

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i’ve never kept track of it lol. never been important to me :joy:

we don’t have it here in ireland

@monkey32 any chance you could bring a deck back?

Depends on the responses to the following questions… 1))what’s the deck 2) do you mind paying more for shipping in Europe Bigger box /higher weight 3) do you mind paying me for this service 20 euro ferry service

Alright gents, conversed with senior Torque and have prices.

50 euros per set

  • 15 euro shipping
  • 4.5% PayPal fee ( if no friends and family) Comes out to 68 euros per set shipped.

This is more 20 euros less per set than if you ordered individually directly from DIY electric skate to Spain and then you are also saving yourself import taxes ( usually euros 6-15 euros). So I guestimate 20-30 euro savings per pair.


I’m definitely in, do you need me to PM you for my request to count?

Alright gents there is one more spot…claim it now or not. Only doing 10 sets.

I’ll take it

If anyone bails, hit me up Hunter. I’m too damn slow :roll_eyes: