Europe Vacation Let’s Meet Up

Yo anyone in London, Paris, or Lyon that wants to have a skate? I’ve only got one more day in London so might not have time but thought I’d ask anyway. @okp

Where the fuck did the events category go?

Apparently, you need to go to .club domain to set up event :slight_smile:


Guess I’ll just keep it here since basically everyone is on this forum…

Aww man! I’m close to London but I’m currently in the middle of modification to my board so I’m out of action, otherwise I’d have definitely have come! :frowning:


where you at? anywhere neat shoreditch?


I can meetup for a lunchtime skate if you fancy coming into town tomorrow?

I may have to skip London sorry guys. Been doing all the tourist stuff and am doing a tour basically the whole day tomorrow. Hoping to be able to meet up with dudes in Paris and Lyon

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If anyone wants to come to Paris, I can share a board so we have a great ride ! shoot me a PM


See you next week! :+1:

Hopefully I have time to meet next week

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Bonjour Paris

Let’s meet up in the next few days @okp

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