European parts, new and used!

GHey Europe,

I have bit to many parts and thought maybe someone would like to try merchandise from the states so I have some new and lightly used parts for sale here in Europe (read- cheaper shipping and no import tax) Everything is new unless otherwise stated. I’ll add to the list as I have time…first up

CarvOn V2 Dual Black hubs with Ceramic bearing

These come with near mint ABEC 90mm 81a compound Flywheels AND a set of 97mm flywheel clones. I have yet to mount these and was thinking of trying my hand at re-wiring to make V2.5s per Nordles recommendations. I’m looking to break even as these were purchased on this forum from other reliable dudes…

CarvOn V2 sale

400 euros SOLD

Hummies hub motor - new never mounted but wires reinforced - 200 SOLD

Batteries 26650 cells 7s2p with bms w/ switch, temp sensor- 9000mah- 100 each -one remaining

Psychotiller 63 OG motor mounts -40 each -2 left

DIY v 3 mount for caliber truck -80

Wheel sets without bearings 4 wheels- 18

Wheel side 36 tooth pulley - 30 Drive pulley 12 or 14 tooth-15 9 mm belts- 8

DIY motor (used) 5045 , 210kv -50

Emax 6374 190 KV, huge with upgraded silicon wires -85

Bubblegum boards total drive -welded motor mount, Paris Truck, motor, pulleys, belt, belt cover and wheels and bearings- 175

*NOTE: this with goes great with one of my batteries

Buyer covers the cost of shipping, but no import tax.

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@TarzanHBK you should like this

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are this white blank wheels? diameter?

83 abec clones

hey monkey! Interested in a few things:

Bubblegum drive: What motor is that? kv? how big? What wheels?

Hummie HUBs: What kv? How do you mount them?

Thx :monkey:

BThe Bubblegum drive has a 265kV 5055 motor that was made to be paired with the battery which was also old bubblegum board stock. The mount is welded onto a Paris 195 truck with two black ABEC 83mm clones, 9 mm belt with printed belt guard and both pulleys mounted.

I have two of theses welded trucks - the other has been stripped of the motor but I still have the printed belt guard, pulley, and sprockets…the idea was that dual diagonal motors which would be a pretty beastly ride…

If someone wanted A dual diagonal drive board I would sell the bubblegum drive, two batteries and throw in the complete other truck and mounting gear (Everything but the motor) and the set of white wheels for 400 euros.

( that’s basically a complete dual setup minus 2x esc, a remote, board and a motor for 400 Euros, wheels and extra truck and mount for 25 euros!!!)

Otherwise the unbuilt truck and mount by themselves are 75.

As for Hummies Hubs they are 80 kV I believe ( that’s what I requested from him, they haven’t been used so I haven’t confirmed) if not then they would be 90kV. They mount with heat resistant epoxy to the trucks…specifically longer spindled trucks like the Arsenals I have ordered, if you’d like I could throw in a set for 80 euros. Basically you carefully coat the threads of the hanger, and pour a little into receiving threads of the strator ( motor) and let them cure. Read about me in Hummies threads.

All this stuff is at cost, I make no money with any of these deals…just trying to liquidate some assets and provide goods to the euro peeps.

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How much for the v3 mount posted to the uk ?

15 euros post to uk

Hi monkey32, How much would be the shipping of both psychotiller mounts to France ?

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Depends where in France - usually mounts are around 15 to ship.

How much do you whink it would cost to ship in italy those enertion wheels? And i heard they are a bit hard, is it true?

Hey man, very interested in the total drive (welded motor mount, Paris Truck, motor, pulleys, belt, belt cover and wheels and bearings) - how much to post all that to the UK? also what would you throw in the other welded truck + mount for on top of that? :slight_smile:

That would be to Paris.

I’m I’d say 30-40 euros- make it a flat 35… The extra welded motor mount and truck is 75 if you aren’t grabbing the batteries…but I’ll drop it to 60 if you get the drive setup.

All told Set of welded 195 Paris truck with welded mount and one complete drive and one partial with shipping

175+ 60+ 35

270 euros

They are harder yes, not sure what the duro, maybe 20 to ship

are those batteries still available?

They are indeed. Two of them in fact. 100 each plus shipping . I’d let go of both for 180 plus shipping.

Do you still have those batteries?

One left…

Hi is there still something left? Where about in europe are you located?