Everything Skateboard related in pictures for sale- US only $1000 plus shipping

Everything new except for the 2 finished boards with low hours on them. The remaining 10 motor mounts will need to be milled down and drilled and tapped. everything is high strength aircraft aluminum cut with water jet and million dollar laser machine. The 2 boards are included in the sale, extreamley fast gps at 50 if map my tracks app is correct.

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You got any 16t motor pulleys 12/15mm

That I could buy separately

Its been 2 years since I made this stuff will have to look to see, had them for 6374 motors on the boards. will have to get back to you tomorrow when I get to the shop, Sorry.

I only have the 3 in the pics besides the ones on the boards

Alright let me know if I can buy one if u have one

those mounts look THICC


Cut em in half and you got 2 mounts😋

They are milled down in certain areas as needed on the finished boards. will not bend or flex!!

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yea dude, those look fuggin solid!

I only use paris trucks though :wink:


Thats exactly what i was thinking

Specs on the completes?

will have to do it tomorrow when I get to shop I will make a list. Just decided to get rid of a bunch of stuff to make more space.