Everything SOLD

image image Hummie hubs $440

Unity + mini remote $260

@naf deck $200

12s3p battery w 50a bms and charger @oriol360 $210 image image Pictures posting soon all parts are brand new or lightly used shipping from California

Dibs on unity

that was quick

What is the condition of the hubs and battery?

will upload soon as I’m off work

hubs are in great condition, plenty of urethane, mechanically no issues, and battery has 2 full recharges on it

For Serious buyers only video of product being operational can be sent before shipping with a valid email

Battery comes with charger and bms? Price includes shipping?

Aren’t you trying to get rid of all your esk8 stuff and call it quits?

Yes battery includes a bms and charger and with motors yes

Damn I missed the unity :cry:

I’ll let you know if buyer drops out

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Please do :slight_smile:



Parts still for sale: unity and battery

@ryansinatra untiy is available

Is the unity just by itself or is it with the remote.

People must be broke cuz this stuff is still here… i know i am or id grab it all.

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I know that feeling…I want it so bad


comes with remote