Evo Build (Beast) - 12s8p Dual 6380 Unity

Here is my latest build. Estimated range is 40 miles with a top speed of 40mph.

Thing is running: Dual TB 6380 @170kv Motors Enertion Focbox Unity 12s8p with 18650 Samsung 30qs Bestech 12s BMS Stooge Racing wheels Eboosted @Eboosted enclosures Evolve 6380 comparable motor mounts Evolve trucks on a Evo deck Enertion Nano-X Remote

Also have changeable AT wheel and gear kit.

Here is a breakdown of the build with links/costs and parts:

(Tab 2)

Link to other board in pic https://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/boosted-xl-boosted-board-deck-evolve-tb-trucks-janux-motor-mounts-the-eboosted-enclosures-dual-focbox-janux-6374-190kv-motors-12s4p-samsung-30qs-with-bestech-bms-enertion-nano-x-2-4ghz-remote-metr-at-bluetooth/67046


How do those trucks handle 30+mph?

Haven’t had any issues, they are really smooth. I also like the lower look they give

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How fast have you gone on it

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That looks amazing, be careful with those DKP trucks they wobble like crazy over 28MPH, however for carving they can’t be beaten.


I haven’t done any speed tests but at least 30 for sure. This is my long range board. Speed wasn’t the main goal; was looking for more range

Your work always makes people’s diy look good man! :wink:

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Nice clean build! Did you make your own battery? What does the red switch do?

It’s a longhidden 12s8p. The red switch came with the battery. It’s a master power button, and I have another button from the unity. The unity can power on and off based on roll and activity to safe power. When I want to hard shit it off, I use the red switch.

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Interesting. Longhidden’s site looked sketchy AF to me. Good overall?

BTW, board looks great. Have you joined us on the other side?


This a great build! 40 miles range, 40 mph tops, @MoeStooge street wheels, 12s8p 30Q and 6380s :star_struck: ! You covering all the bases son :metal::cowboy_hat_face: !!


Long hidden is slow though, I’d say a battery takes about a month to get since they build everything on order

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Love your build! I’m just about to build the exact same board and was searching longhidden and came across your beast. How is it holding up? Any advice or tips you would care to share?

i know this post is old but would you be able to give us the inner dimensions of the enclosure? looks like a doublestack from eboosted almost got this combo but he didn’t have the dimensions.

read the whole post it’s a double stack from longhidden;) I just bought two 21700 double stacks and if it fits in there you’re golden for anything else. To ensure maximum style points just be sure to purchase the evo spectrum 40 combo😉

how long did it take for your battery to be delivered? I almost bought the combo but i couldnt get dimmensions for the enclsoure but looks like i wouldve been fine. I ended up getting the mbs unustoppable deck and the big enclosure from electricboardsolutions. I knew about chi battery, longhairedboy and others but didnt know about these guys. ill probably buy the combo eventually but right now im tapped haha.