Evo Falcon 36" enclosure questions

Hey Guys,

I just picked up an Evo Falcon 36" because the 40" was out of stock. I saw the enclosure for it: https://www.eboardsperu.com/product/landyachtz-evo-falcon-40″-ds-21700/

based on the description it says 12S4P with BMS and dual ESC’s should fit. Any one have a pick of how that all fits in there? I was thinking of doing 10S4P but could be persuaded to go 12S4P for more range I just want to make sure it all fits and I dont have to squish the parts too much.

Im a lil bummed about the 40" not being in stock pretty much everywhere. Im 6’0 (182cm) adn was wondering if 36" might be a little small. Anyone with experience my height riding it?

Any info would be great or a sweet build using that deck (i’ll search but if you know one, lemme know)


I have the Evo 36 on my dual 6355, I am 5’9 and 170 pounds, it is on the short side for me, I recommend going with 38 or 40 if you want more stability and comfort. I used the 36 because not for stability but for portability.

bummer, i was hoping you didnt say that… I guess i’ll stick with the 36" cuz i cant find the 40" anywhere or a nice enclosure for the 38"