Evo Falcon 36" enclosure questions

Hey Guys,

I just picked up an Evo Falcon 36" because the 40" was out of stock. I saw the enclosure for it: https://www.eboardsperu.com/product/landyachtz-evo-falcon-40″-ds-21700/

based on the description it says 12S4P with BMS and dual ESC’s should fit. Any one have a pick of how that all fits in there? I was thinking of doing 10S4P but could be persuaded to go 12S4P for more range I just want to make sure it all fits and I dont have to squish the parts too much.

Im a lil bummed about the 40" not being in stock pretty much everywhere. Im 6’0 (182cm) adn was wondering if 36" might be a little small. Anyone with experience my height riding it?

Any info would be great or a sweet build using that deck (i’ll search but if you know one, lemme know)


I have the Evo 36 on my dual 6355, I am 5’9 and 170 pounds, it is on the short side for me, I recommend going with 38 or 40 if you want more stability and comfort. I used the 36 because not for stability but for portability.

bummer, i was hoping you didnt say that… I guess i’ll stick with the 36" cuz i cant find the 40" anywhere or a nice enclosure for the 38"

You are asking for major reworks and I had the same problem. My enclosure holds 10s5p. With vescs etc. And I used a trampa segmented box. It is about half and inch too long on both sides. But flat. You have to contend with worse problems. Get the right board however you must.

depends on height, for 5´6 the 36 deck is gonna be plenty, for 6`you really want a 38 or more for a proper longboard

Hey there, just came across this thread while looking for enclosures. I’ve had the 36” Evo Spectrum for 15 months, and wanting to convert it to electric now. I’m 6’2” and 175lb. I’ve used this deck mostly for distance pushing and downhill (40-50mph) and for my height it’s worked a charm. I’m not sure how that may change adding battery etc and risers to. Any thoughts?

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It will change. A lot. Welcome to the forum :call_me_hand:

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Thanks. Good to be on board (pun intended)

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