Evolve 107 wheel set, 38T gear and belt set for sale (ALL SOLD!)

So I’m switching to 97s for my current build which means I’ll be letting go the Evolve 107s. They’re still like new condition with one very small chip in one of the wheels. As you can see from the picture, only minor wear&tear of the Logo and wheel surface. Asking for $110 shipped conUS. Also got the Evolve 38T upgrade gear and belt set, still in mint condition, barely used. Asking for $85 shipped conUS. Both all together: $190 shipped conUS PM me if interested. *pic updated for better lighting 20181009_130858 20181009_130219


wheels sold. 38T gear still available for reduced price at $80 shipped PM if interested

What size belts are those?

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think they are 260-5M-15 (52 teeth, 15mm wide)


id like to purchase the 38t with belt

sure, just PMed you

correcto thanks for clarifying for me haha :slight_smile:

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ALL SOLD 10 chara

nicht mehr zu haben