Evolve 12s8p battery

Hello everybody! This is my current attempt at building a 12s8p battery for the evolve Gtx skateboard using all Samsung 30q batteries. Some batteries are different colors because I had to rewear them, updates coming soon!


Holy moly, I am curious to see where you put the BMS, switch, and the receiver. That’s going to be pretty hard to figure out.

It all should fit there in the back, I still have about half an inch on top of the vescs to play with

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It fits easily


Looks good!

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@taz isn’t that a 10s8p?

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Yeap and now I feel stupid for responding without reading the thread title more carefully :roll_eyes:

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I’m using the q30 as well but I had to make a copper bus bar because each of those cells can deliver 15 Amps. If you want to use the 15Amps on a 8 parallel pack you will end up with 120 Amps on the serial connection point. As I can see on your picture the wire would not handle that. I have 10s5p and I’ve designed the battery that it can deliver 75Amp continues current. My BMS is quite big with a Massive cooling body. My battery cable is not the silicone insulated cable it is a high gauge copper cable because the core should not get hot at all by such a high current otherwise you wasting energy.

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@beckw will be using8awg for the battery’s mains and 12awg to each motor which should be enough to handle the amperage and voltage of the battery pack, also I am using dual fox boxes which I’ll program to a max draw of 45 amps each

Cool, If you planning to draw 90 Amps that should be fine.

That’s gonna be a beast 42V x 90Amps = 3780W x ~90% motor efficiency will give you 3.4KW motor power Wow!!!.

On my Mountain board battery I’ve added a 80Amps Forklifter fuse before it’s connected to anything else.

@gaven120 Do you have pics of your spot welding on each side? And close up of the bus bar connections?