Evolve 97mm convertion kit

Bought these new and mounted these on my gtx, rode up and down the street once. Prefer my at wheels. Basically new, $180 shipped USPS Priority Mail, US only


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How firm are you on that price?

Pretty firm considering they are new and I’m paying for usps priority shipping.

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Basically or brand new lol. I need to wait a few days but I’d be interested if you get no bites.

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Like I said in the post. Mounted them and ride up my street once. Hardly a mark on them, You decide the level of new lol

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Well in box is pretty new lol. Yeah bruv, if you’ve no bites in a few days I’ll take you up on them.

you should get more range with these wheels you just got to used to them.

I built a 18650 pack for my board. Range is not my problem. It’s ride smoothness, I’ve got some back issues.


Try 107 F1 wheels. Sooo much better.