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Evolve A/T specs

Hello again, just had an hour on a friends Evolve board, nice comfortable ride with the big tyres. However felt it was a bit civilised, what motor and batterys are in them? My build, I would like the handling capabilities of the evolve but the performance was a bit lacking, what we I need to get the thing a lot faster with better acceleration and more power. The ride was pavement and grass slopes.

I’d say for A/T Enertion and ADS have the better kits and/or wheels available to ride as all terrain.

You’ll want 12S voltage, 6374 motors and/or 2WD/4WD.

I agree with @torqueboards and will note a few things about building an “Evolvish” A/T esk8:

@Trev if you want 8-inch wheels, they use the MBS Rockstar 2, which necessitate trucks with enough clearance, so you’ll be looking for something from SurfRodz, Trampa, or MBS. I don’t think there are any bolt-on motor mounts for these yet, so you’d weld on whichever mounts you can find that will fit your preferred truck. Evolve sells a drive wheel for these. At 72T it’s huge, so plan on a 15mm belt, a large center distance, and a larger than average motor(s) pulley. is a new vendor for e-mountainboard parts. Worth a look! GL!

I’d say by far if you want Evolve quality wheels. The 8" MBS Roadies are awesome tires…

As treenutter mentioned the best trucks I think to use for a convenient hybrid would be the SurfRodz Classic TKP trucks which are about $160 and the option for 70mm adjustable axles.