Evolve/ABEC11 36T wheel pulley

Does anyone know where to get 35 or 36 (preferred) tooth pulleys that fit ABEC11 superfly wheels and Evolve Carbon GT? (aluminum or titanium or magnesium is much better than plastic; not looking for steel)

What belt size?

15mm wide, 5mm pitch

@Titoxd10001 was selling Aluminum 15mm x 5mm x 40T pulleys for a really good price. Don’t know if he still is or if he has 35T or 36T Actually I have run both and I prefer 40T for 90mm wheels and 36T for 83mm wheels.

This is for 107mm wheels

I would go at least 40T then. They will fit the wheel better and reduce motor heat and cogging. I have tried 15 motor and 36 wheel with 90mm wheels and in my opinion the 40T works much better with 90mm wheels and 15T motor pulley

40T gives the wrong ratio, I was looking for 36 or 35

Are you trying to achieve high top speed on flat ground?

I’d like the top speed to be 24 to 26 mph with a 15T/15mm motor pulley

Was thinking of trying to modify the metroboard one

The evolve has a very low kv. Why not just go with their 38 tooth pulley? If you still insist on 36, send me a PM.

I’ve got a couple, but you would have to make your own retainers. All I have are the pullies, 36 tooth aluminum.

i got brand new set 36t 15mm black aluminium