Evolve bamboo gen 2 fix

Hi, Im very new to electric skateboards and i saw a great deal on one and figured i could just by replacement parts and fix it. But it turned out the company doesn’t offer them. So im try to find maybe up grades i can do to get around that and get the board back running. I believe the board is a evolve bambo series gen. It has a single belt feed motor. I also was told that the motor has problems. I dont have the control or the charging cabel those will also be items that i will need recommendation on changes for. The board still powers on so i believe that part is still good but not sure. Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

Boards without chargers or remotes are often suspicious.

This one is so old though, it would take a grand effort to get it back into a running state. This brand also isn’t the best for this.

You’d need:

  • a helmet
  • an ESC
  • a battery
  • a charger
  • a remote
    and maybe
  • an enclosure
  • a motor if that one’s broken

It would a large effort.

Do you have any recommendations on any of those parts i have no idea about any of this stuff. Or if there is any other post taliing about this topic?

What are your goals and budget?

Im trying to do it decently cheap. Was hoping to fix it instead of having to by a 500 to 600 dollar one so i would perfer for it to be under 600. If that even possible

If you’re going cheap, you will have to find others who has used parts for sale. It’s pretty difficult going cheap otherwise since you do not want a cheap esc, nor a cheap battery in your build.

If needed, you may have to change the battery if you do not know bms bypassing or making your own batteries since evolve has made it very difficult to DIY change their stuff. Basically, none of these are cheap and will be costly if done wrongly.

For example:

A battery may run you 400 bucks or more and a new esc will run you around 200 bucks and that’s minus the remote and soldering tools you will need to change all that is on the board. That and a new motor will run around 60 - 120 bucks depending.

If you are interested in knowing where to maybe find those who might be selling, let me know.

Yeah, I just like this board’s design and I can’t seem to find anything like it for around that price point so if you don’t care I would love some links to some items that I can use to make this board work. or if you have any other suggestions that would be great.

Well, if you can open the board and see how the electronics are done, you can have some ideas on what’s needed for it.

As for parts, these parts are from other users. Check your pm and just make a new account and follow the guidelines.

A 10s battery and the evolve components.

Those may need to be replaced if you want a working board. Otherwise, you’ll have to get an evolve remote, pair it, and then change the motors to make it work again.

But I don’t recommend this since it was missing the remote and I don’t know a lot about evolve. But the charger is a 10s charger from evolve im guessing.

You’ll have more help in the pm I’ve sent. Good luck

It’s probably not possible if the battery is no good, so I would check that first.

How many volts at the charge port?


I believe that the battery is still good it powers on the light on the board when I turn it on.

Get a 42V li-ion charger with a 5.5x2.1 barrel connector and charge it. See how high it charges.

Make sure you have a helmet first.

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