Evolve Bamboo Gt 12Ah battery upgrade

Hi Yanzo, What app is that your using? Going to be building a 30Q 15Ah battery for the Carbon Gt soon so will test the distance. I’ll measure the true capacity of the battery before the ride and see what happens.

What happened to the promised pictures of the silicone gasket?

Haha, I was just thinking I hadn’t put that on here just this morning. I have made one that works well but I’m not happy with the mould so need to modify it slightly. It was fiddly getting the gasket out around the holes so I need to make the gasket a bit wider near the holes. The silcone I used was a self leveling type with seems fine other than it takes 3 days to fully cure and was easy to damage trying to remove before full cure because of the small sections around the screw holes. Got a picture of the gasket will take one of the gasket fitted when I get my board back. My son has it for a couple of weeks.20180926_125310%5B1%5D Made it in grey, will make some black next with the modified mould.


Design looks familiar :grinning:

It’s the shape of the cover so hard to change how it looks. It’s been extended by 5mm to suit my extended cover. Looks like a rocker cover to me. I wonder if there’s a car out there with a gasket that would fit, save me some time :smile:

@Marsen sports tracker

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Do you have a stl file on the extension piece you printed?

Yes I still have it.

You wouldn’t mind if you shared it? I’m ready to do a 10s4p pack and I want to avoid doing any routing to my deck. And what you did was genius to maintain the stock look and still do the battery upgrade with slight modifications to the factory enclosure.

Or even one to sell.

Yeah I can send you the stl file. Going to make total new enclosures for the Bamboo instead with a target of a 10S5P so not doing the extension piece. This forum is about sharing so PM your email and I’ll send you the stl file. Like the genius comment :rofl::rofl::rofl:


I can’t seem to figure out how to pm you since I’m new.

Click on my name and there is a message box

I did and didn’t see it. Been trying to figure it out for awhile and dealing with this discobot thing when you join.

Hope you saw my last reply. Thanks.

Yes got that one. Busy at work so haven’t had chance to send. Will do it now.

Thank you. I keep forgetting your in Australia. I really appreciate it.

Dear Mark, I also wanto to do a 10S4P upgrade and I also would love to get your STL file. Any chance? BTW: I also do not find a way to send a Personal message sorry. Cheers Stefan

Hi Stefan, I can supply the stl file if you give me your email to send it to. To personal message click on name icon and a new menu will appear with an option to message.

Are you building the battery yourself? I have had the BMS plugs made with 600mm of leads already fitted with a red and black wire on for correct polarity if you need one. I’ll be selling them on my website soon. Also have all the other bits like braided wire and silcon wire etc to build a battery pack.