Evolve Bamboo GT battery upgrade

Does anyone know how I can upgrade the evolve bamboos battery? The stock battery is absolutely horrible. Does anyone make them for plug and play?

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  1. Place an order for 40 Samsung 30Q in imrbatteries.com US$ 200
  2. Buy an arduino spot welder US$ 90
  3. Buy 4 meters of nickel strip US$ 10
  4. Buy heatwrap for the pack
  5. Build the battery
  6. Diassemble the Evolve pack
  7. Assemlethe new battery pack
  8. Enjoy a Bamboo GT with more power and no battery sag

yeah, that’s exactly what I did to my friend :slight_smile: he’s getting now 25km in GT mode with AT tires, no battery sag and more than happy !

you may add

  • 7.5 - carve/route an area on the deck above the ESC and remove 5mm so the BMS can sit flat.
  • 7.6 - remove the foam on the deck and leave only a banner around

and you’re done :slight_smile:

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I’m going to do that as soon as I finish my current board on my GF bamboo GT

Why would you remove the foam, isn’t it better to avoid vibrations?

don’t forget to cut about 2mm out of the deck with a CNC or create a 2mm hard plastic riser for the box.

I have one on my bench right now and 18650s are just a hair too tall for the box. I’m actually doing this right now on two of these bamboos. One is on the bench and the other appears to have been lost in the mail on its way to me, i’m still trying to sort that out.


i’m actually not that terribly disappointed in the GT bamboo given what it is. yeah yeah voltage sag but a 7ah 10s1p prismatic pack … i mean come on what do you expect… and that’s a weird ass motor controller with indivdually switched phases on thier own ICs… where the fuck are the fets… its alchemy in there.

the motors and hardware seem solid. I was honestly expecting something a lot worse until i rode it around the block a few times in GT mode. Yeah compared to our boards its a limp dick in a whore house but compared to the shit chinese boards its kind of advanced.


Did you see what cells come on the Bamboo GT?

10 individual 7 ah li-ion prismatic pouches connected in series and heatshrinked in blue wrap along with a small BMS. I’d have to look up the cell serials to track them down, but if i had to guess, id say they came from the bargain bin at Goodwill.


I actually messaged you on Instagram Longhairedboy, I live in orlando and built my own board with a swappable lipo enclosure that gets a lot more distance than my Evolve. Could I pay you to teach me how to solder a better pack for my bamboo gt?

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Could you make the bamboo gt a 12s pack?

i think 40 cells is the limit of that box, so you’re loking at a 12S3P and you’re going to have to replace the PCB with a 12S BMS PLUS you’re own motor controllers because the evolve is a 10S setup. And when you do that you’re going to lose the evolve remote and have to use your own.

Did you need to desolder the balance leads from the pouches? Or they had a connector?

If you can, please check the voltage of each pack, I wonder if the packs have drifting

i didn’t tear the pack apart completely yet, just enough to see what was in there. The BMS is definitely the balancing type, and it connects to the main board via UART, apparently.


I have pretty much all his builds saved under my favorites lol :smile: @whitepony

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uart hey - thats why they told me a third party battery wouldn’t work. My carbon GT is back at evolve - 40 minute drive no biggie - looks like the BMS is shot - range dropped dramatically. It stopped displaying individual cell voltages a while ago. They are discharge testing the individual cells. I told them I wanted to see the results and to replace cells that are low. Guys in the shop are really good to deal with, had a cruise around on the new evolve one - it’s a bigger motor than the GT and goes ok. I’d let my grandmother ride it.


Evolve confirmed BMS fked and cells 2 and 9 down. All replaced under warranty :slight_smile:

yeah - their BMS has UART + SW port. You need to use their BMS but it’s straightforward if you have a soldering iron. Start wiring from the negative of the first bloc (from - to +)

I don’t ride it - it’s the fiance’s board ! I am planning a revolve… stay tuned !

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