Evolve Bamboo GT Battery without Evolve BMS?

Was super lucky to get a “Free” Gt battery for my project, but one problem I’m running into would be the BMS, does anyone know a BMS I can use with it or a way to charge it without having major problems?

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Welcome to the club bro. They are very hard to get hold of!

The genuine Evolve BMS is yeah, but im using focboxes instead of their esc so i should, in theory, be able to use any bms since i don’t need to use those extra wires into the esc

any 10s bms on the planet?

Would any 10s li-ion bms work? Not sure if the balance layout is the same thats just it

I’ve been looking for a BMS as well, the only one that I’ve bought so far is this. Have you had any luck finding one?

Another one I have found that has an e-switch & a uart setup is here but I am not sure if it is necessary to buy.

I just got a chinese cheapo ESC of ebay seems to work fine :slight_smile:

Nice, would you mind sending me a link? I’d like to have a backup in case the one I ordered doesn’t work out.

I dont really have a link sadly, just got it used of a guy here in Denmark but any BMS rated for like 40 or so amps for the correct voltage and cell count should work :slight_smile:

But its from ebay, its white and rated for 40amps 10s.

Anyone have any luck with the ? The two above linked by @Kit have the wrong discharge voltage protection.