Evolve Bamboo GT erratic behavior

I wonder if anyone experienced this problem, it’s kind of hard to express what I’m experiencing but I shall try to do my best. When I ride the board, once in a while it acts erratic, it kind of feels like when you drive a car and you press gas all the way and it takes a sec for the car’s computer to realize that you want to go fast, but not even that sometimes I press trigger 70% down and the board start to speed up then it chops for a sec and starts speeding up again, it can do that a few times in a row too and it doesn’t matter what mode I’m in. I’ve been kind of careful with it and sometimes it doesn’t happen but now it just bothers me because I want to race other people with their boards and I can’t because I don’t know how my board would act. P.S. it’s not R2 controller.

Please send help!

Had so many small, medium and huge issues with my GTX. I feel you pain. Luckily I didn’t stick it out and returned it when I could.

You could have something as simple as a calibration issue with the remote, that was and still is a pretty common problem. I would get on to Evolve though, they fix these boards all day and night (ironic) and know what to do.

Just be wary of shady practices. They like to take your board in, not discuss the issues with you, repair everything (by repair I mean replace) and then send you a bill for a ludicrous amount of money. Some people have been charged up to 70% of what they originally paid for “repairs” on 2 year old boards.

Thanks for the reply, I completely forgot to mention that I tried to recalibrate it multiple times, and yeah I shall never buy anything from Evolve. I think that the problem must be either with the remote or the motor controller, I can easily replace them myself, not shipping my dear board to Evolve to get a $1k bill lol.

I think if you get a new remote you may have to calibrate it. the port where the charger broke off so I had to have a TV repair guy put a new one on. I ordered a new remote before I had the guy fixed it it and the port broke off that one as well. So the new remote never acted as good as the old one, always cuts out and cant be far from the board looses connection. if I’m racing it cuts out and almost throws me on my face because of going from top accel to no power cause a forward force then nothing causing you to fly forward. also be careful to ease off the throttle when going full power it will cause a forward throw as well. I almost broke my shoulder when I got the board then I learned that.

Oh yeah definitely, I had the same issues when I got my board and I always fell because of the remote either braking or accelerating too fast, luckily it only happenned five times. Although I’ve ordered new remote, motor controller and new motors, hopefully that will fix it. Gotta love Evolve.

I would just replace with Vesc and nano controller

Mini remote is so much better than the nano controller

Evolve and erratic behavior. Name a more iconic duo.

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