Evolve Bamboo GT motor/pulley upgrades 140kv or 200kv

Ok so I love my evolve board. I got an upgrade from long haired boy on the battery department. I was wanting to replace ornupgrade the motors. I’ve gone through numerous threads and can’t find a solid answer. Should I get the race star 140kv or 200kv.

Anyone that has completed this upgrade. Can you let me know what motor and pulley you choose. I’m looking for something that’ll be plug and play. I’m not trying to modify anything on my evolve board. Thanks for any responses

I don’t want to burn up up or fry anything so if 200kv motors are safe and I’ll get more speed. I’m definitely game for that

Unless you have Evolves ESC programmer. The Back EMF is going to be entirely different then the evolve motors…just gonna burn your escs. Better off switching to configurable ESCs…

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Using this motor, here is the review

not mine

I’m just gonna throw this out there since you don’t wear pads.

Changing the motors, resulting in different backEMF could potentially be dangerous. As ESCs synchronize thier timing with the motor based in BEMF. An ESC not programmed for the BEMF you apply to it has the potential for desync and motor lock up. Tossing you off… but what do I know I’m just full of shade.


Max current: 34A Max power: 1200W Doesn’t that sound a little weak even the keda 190kv motor i got for 40€ has 2000w

Max current: 46A Max power: 1650W Sounds better No?

Disclosure I don’t fully know how those numbers translate, Maybe more on that from someone who understands motors better than me.

Use the 140kv one

But It can only Push 34A And when you climb hills Doesn’t that matter too?

The reason the 200kv one can handle more amps is because it’s less efficient at delivering torque in the first place.

I have a Carbon GT with the 140kv racerstar motors and can confirm they are good.

The Supercarve trucks aren’t very stable above 27mph anyway so getting additional speed isn’t buying you anything because you’ll sacrifice a ton of performance and have weak brakes and won’t be happy with it.

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Thanks for the reply efficiency is Important!

another name for them is “Side Winder Trucks” thats what sector 9 named them. And Yes not stable over 27mph I would know :joy::face_with_head_bandage:

Sidewinder trucks are not Supercarve trucks. That’s like saying a Honda Accord is a Toyota Camry because both are mid-size sedans.

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If you want the same exact performance characteristics from the 140kv motors, increase your wheel size by 7%. Otherwise you’ll just feel more torque and stronger brakes. Which is fine :slight_smile:


Completely agree!

Where did you buy them from and what pulley are you using?

I ordered them from banggood but the package got lost in Chinese customs and they refunded me after an excruciating wait … so then I ordered them off eBay and paid more, but actually got them and actually fast

38T kegel pulley

I was saying the motor pulley. What one did you order?

I carefully removed the pulleys from the existing motors, but it was very hard. Make sure you don’t strip it. Use penetrating oil and the exact correct wrench, hex 1.5mm if I recall

They also sell pulleys for them but they are aluminum and not steel.

If you strip it, you’re fucked

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I’m looking to mod my evolve board too. Did you buy larger wheels like b264 suggested? If so, where did you get them? Did you change the motor pulley or take the pulley off the existing motors?

Just wanted to throw this in here, I can def. confirm that braking power is limited on the 200kv motors. Plus, the top speed really isn’t necessary; I was going at 25mph an hour ago, carved too hard in the dirt on AT’s, lost control, and tried to slow down/stop before eating a tree. I found that the weakened brakes would not do enough at the speed I was going at, so I had to bail from the board and do a tuck & roll. Got away with some road rash and a pulled muscle luckily & the board went into some bush after I bailed so no harm to the deck.

It was on a custom 10s4p 18650 batt. back as well & I have to say, it eats way to much power. I am 215lbs so that doesn’t help, but I decided to go for the 140kvs in the end in order to retain the braking power they have with the ESC & in order to save battery power during a ride.

Yea I can only get like 15 miles of hard riding on 83mm 15/38. using 200kV’s and 10s4p 30Q. I don’t really notice weak brakes though, and I like going max speed.