Evolve Bamboo GT

Please use this thread for all discussion regarding the Bamboo GT. It was just announced earlier today with full specs on FB. It’s going on pre-order in two days for AUS, and on Monday for the US. Price is ~$1450, range ~ 20+ miles on a charge (in eco), same weight roughly as carbon and same power/speed. Wheel base is smaller as well.

There is no way the bamboo weighs about the same. The carbon deck weighs 1 LB or less and the bamboo deck plus the the battery enclosure probably weight about 4-5 lbs. Thats about a 20- 25% increase in total weight. That is quite significant, proportionately speaking.

The Bamboo GT battery enclosure alone probably weighs about the same as the carbon deck.

Maybe it’s the same weight given the smaller deck and 6.5ah battery vs 10ah.

@Mr_Mahal If evolve gave you the option to get the bamboo instead, would you? I’m guessing not.

Did you ever get the chance to test out max range on gt Carbon?

I think CF is sexy as hell, but the material makes me nervous. I wouldn’t want to chip or scratch it. I also kinda like a little flex.

@Arzamenable [quote=“Arzamenable, post:4, topic:6015”] If evolve gave you the option to get the bamboo instead, would you? [/quote]

Knowing the specs now, nope. I want as much range as possible. I do still intend on getting it in the future because the trucks with a bamboo deck at low speeds sounds like a match made in heaven.

Not in eco really. My last ride was going to be the first really good test but then ya know…it goes forever though rest assured. I have a lot of hills, and one time after a long ride I was blasting uphill full throttle and the battery died on me. Wasn’t really paying attention to the % and didn’t think about how much it’d drain going uphill. So definitely be careful.

I almost put a clear bra film on the deck but I stopped because I just wanted to ride the damn thing…lol you will find that it is inevitable to get little scratches, but you can buff most out anyway. When I get my replacement deck I will be taping it up. Putting on a nose guard and grip tape around the top of the deck where your feet go will also help a lot.

Same speed?

The Bamboo board DOES weigh the same. It has been stated very clearly. Why would they lie about it? Yes carbon fibre weighs less than bamboo, but the Carbon GT is a longer board and has a larger battery, so that offsets the weight savings of the carbon fibre.

Yes same performance, just different batteries

My bad, I thought it had the same battery .

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What i do love about the bamboo gt is that you ar not lock into one deck !! It is very easy to transfer all the components into another deck Like bustin or Another tipe of material besides the bamboo! If you like !! And 35km range is not that bad at all !! Is more then enough for a ride around the block ,but if you commute all day long and you don’t have a car then the carbon gt is the one for you!! But you guys are right the carbon fibre look more fragile and I’m worried in the future eventually it will crack . What made me think like this, is after I saw what happened to Mr mahal!!!


Video is about to be posted up of the incident as we speak…

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Damn that’s rough. How much did Evolve charge to replace/fix it?

A very fair price, I can’t disclose but all I can say is their CS is 10/10.

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Did anyone order??? lol

Yeah. My wife thought my carbon GT was excellent so she is going to join me on a Bamboo GT. Being in Aus the pricing ($1400 AUD) is hard to beat for me compared to the offshore options (AUD to USD conversion comes into play). The carbon GT has been used nearly daily since release and has been flawless (for me). Took about a month to be get my full (double truck) skate legs at any speed/ carve. Looking back I must have looked pretty unsteady.

Eventually I’d love to be able to afford a smaller/ lighter board with certified for air battery to support work/ holiday travel. Keeping an eye on Inboard. Hard to justify, these things are bloody expensive, but it’s hard to go back to walking or pushing.


I thought hard about it. Screw preordering. I want it now. I really should just sink 2k into an all out ballsy mountain board build.

The vesc state of affairs makes me hesitate with that plan.

I was thinking of going DIY but with the bamboo GT I must say it thicks all my boxes: dual motor, 35km range ( enough no?) and a nice flex board ideal for carving. It probably will be unsteady on high speeds ( see comparison video carbon GT VS bamboo 2gen youtube) but yes ride on eco or max on sport.

Only thing I’m a little concerned about is the los of connection with the remote. Anybody know if this is a big issue with the GT or just rare cases?