Evolve bamboo GTX 2 in 1(SOLD)

Hi! I’m selling my Evolve bamboo GTX that i imported from Australia in may this year. The reason that i’m selling my beloved board is because i’m currently building a Trampa MTB and i feel like having two very expensive boards is not in my budget!

The board is in good condition, there are some scratches on the enclosure and on the trucks. The griptape is a bit bleached but it has no rips in it. Lastly on the negative i will mention that the left motor is a bit misscolored.

I did never experiance any trouble with the board, it has around 50-60 charges and the battery is in great condition. My naked wieght is 90kg, i get around 30 km in fast mode on 97mm wheels and 15 km on AT wheels before the famous evolve sag kicks in. It is possible to continue riding for a good bit after the sag kicks in but your speed will be limited to under 20km/h. My 60 kg girlfriend gets over 50km on the 97mm wheels so it is very factor dependant.

All in all this is a great and reliable board with good specs for someone that wants a top tier board but doesnt feel like building it yourself!

New price for the 2 in 1 gtx is 2000€, my price 1200€ + shipping.


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lucky you haven’t been arrested.


You never tried to ride your board naked? It’s the greatest feeling of freedom ever :slight_smile:


where would it be shipping from? :slight_smile:

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I live in Sweden so shipping to other EU countrys is cake :+1: