Evolve Bamboo GTXBattery Mod Question

I’ve been reading about the Evolve battery mods some users have done but I have a question. Apparently you have to cut into the board to make the Samsung batteries fit or use a spacer for the enclosure. Is this because the mod will have more cells than Evolve uses or because the batteries are larger than the stock evolve batteries? What if you just used the same number of batteries so no modifications to the board or enclosure were needed? This way it would be a simple plug and play upgrade. Maybe you wouldn’t get as much additional range but wouldn’t this still help with the battery lag?

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They are different batterys with different sizes. But Mike is already typing the answer for it, so there you go:

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I’m assuming you are talking about the Bamboo deck and not the Carbon Fiber one?

I think it has to do with the thickness of the 18650 cells. The original prismatic pouches in the wood decks are not as thick as the ones on the Carbon so there isn’t enough room which is why a bit of wood needs to be routed out

Edit: Changed the title to reflect your model

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Yes I have the bamboo GTX. What if I just bought the enclosure spacer? That seems pretty simple if nothing else would need to be re-positioned inside.

I Just found out the GTX has a cutout for the bigger battery. You may not need to do any modification to the deck, but the enclosure spacer is also a good option.

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Yeah the 18650 cells are a bit thicker than the evolve stock prismatic packs which is why some ppl cut out the deck, use a spacer 3D printed or just get yourself 10mm silicon vacuum hose line which works perfectly fine.

If you really wanna go all out get yourself a 20mm spacer to fit a 10s8p pack… might be limited to AT set up thou due to clearance…

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What do you mean the GTX already has a cutout for a bigger battery? Do you mean compared to the bamboo GT?

Bc the gtx battery is bigger than the Gt battery the gtx deck was cut to accommodate it but not cut out enough to fit a 10s4p+ pack… so some type of spaceing or cutting will be required…

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Has anyone tried to print that spacer? I just got a quote of… $458 from Pink Porcupine in Irvine CA. I expected it to be $50 or something like that.

If anyone has had it printed for a reasonable amount of money let me know. I’ve got a brand new 10s4p battery pack just waiting for a spacer to be printed.

$60 or thereabouts. Not sure of conversion rate.


There is one at Thingyverse to print it yourself.

Have that 3D printed enclosure never used it, if you want to buy it …lmk

Also selling a evolve bms …lmk

Paid $25 through 3dHubs. The design is a little off as far as the holes lining up. I had to open them up a little, bit for the price it works. 10s4p and didn’t require routing the deck. Only used the spacer.

BMS…where were you a week ago ? Actually I’m interested.

What about laser cut polypropylene or acrylic. What thickness does the spacer need to be?

I’m doing 6mm polypropylene spacers for the Gt models, works fine for my 10s4p battery mod. Doesn’t shatter like acrylic, and no worries with excess flex of the deck from routing. Costs NZ$12 to ship to Australia from Nz, and I’ll do the spacer for Nz$30. FAR stronger than 3D printed version