Evolve Bamboo Series ONE Board

Seems like Evolve has announced a mid-end Evolve GT alternative:


Devolve?! :sweat_smile:

Odd move. I get wanting to create a more affordable product, but this is surely a step backwards? Had they brought out a dual drive single motor to cut costs then I would have been impressed.

On a positive note though it does have a great surf vibe.

…I’d be a little worried about the rear mounted motor with that kick tail too. Why didn’t they face it inwards?

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The hape of the deck is so ugly :confused: Specs (except the weight) are interesting…

You rang? :grin:

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i’ve tried with gullwing sidewinders… The second kingpin just gets in the way of the motor. Also, the reduced clearance under the deck makes it harder to get a motor under there to begin with. It’s really hard/impossible

Love the aesthetics! It’s still quite expensive but very looks very promising for new eks8 people