Evolve bamboo unbalanced cells?

Hey, so I’ve been having some issues with range on my board (only getting 16km out of 35 in near perfect conditions) have managed to find the individual cell voltage for the board (when fully charged)

Is this amount of variation in cell charge ok? is this a problem now? or will it become a problem in the future?

Thanks in advance for all the feedback

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I think I’m having the same problem. Rides I have taken in the past, now I’m having trouble finishing them. GT mode makes the Board shut off almost instantly. Now I get up to speed and then shift down to eco to save juice. How did you get the remote to show you the cell info. One thing I do know about batteries is that the whole pack will act like the weakest link.

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They do look more out of balance than normal for a lithium battery… but a difference of 0.03 at most really isn’t that bad. I think it may be another problem… how long have you had the battery? How many times have you charged it? Lithium cells inherently lose capacity overtime, so if it is a speed issue then it may be the cells, but range is simply loss of Mah

@longhairedboy is doing some modification with them I think. Maybe he can help you out with info or maybe a modification?

Ive only had the board for 2 months and 61 charges. the odd thing is that when its fully charged i struggle to gain speed but it can gain speed easier when its at around 20%

Yeah thats a good idea ill get onto that depending on what evolve say as it should be covered by the warranty!

Ideally they will just take the board back! I’ve had continuous trouble for the whole 2 months of owning it

Can anyone else share their battery cell levels for reference?

They don’t seem out of balance to me. Less than 0.1 volts out is pretty good.

Mine died within 3 miles of distance i decided to upgrade my own batteries to li-ion and now i can do 7 miles and only use 15%-25% depending on the terrain. Its awesome with a 18650 10s4p pack of course i did modify the battery case but its still awesome. Some cutting and plastic welding and done

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How much did all that cost, as I’m a student I’m not sure if its a possibility for me

How far do you get on a full charge?

Well i have many tools for the job but you would need spot welder for the batteries and soldering iron for the plastic welding also a good heat source Like heat gun but the main problem would be the batteries i have lg hg2 18650s and i got a great deal on them now you would b lucky to find them for around $5-$9 each cell. I got mine at $2 each battery. You only need 40 so on ebay that would cost you around $190 for the batteries alone

But if on a butget only go with a 10s3p. With only 30 cells it should still be good as the rating on a bamboo gt battery is 42v 7amps lipo. With the lg hg2 18650s at 10s3p it would be 42v 9amps and 10s4p. 42v 12 amps but voltage sag is not really there. I tested it today and got a distance of 8.8 miles on AT setup and the battery was at 34 volts i forgot to take a picture before i turned it off but it started sagging from 54% to 32% only when i went up hills and on plain ground it went from 54% to 46%

It would be ideal to do a copy of what you’ve done! I’m on a budget but i can afford to do what you have done if i really wanted to, i just don’t have the experience to make the battery so I’m a bit hesitant, how did you manage to get the cells for $2 each?? i don’t have a spot welder but i have a soldering iron and a heat gun.

Do you have to run a BMS with these cells?

Well i reused the bms and wire leads from the old battery by soldering them off. Of course you could solder copper wiring on the batteries instead of welding them but it is more dangerous and it can ruin the batteries if your not quick enough. Since you would solder them i would recommend being quick on the batteries by putting solder on the batteries then letting them rest. Then prepare your wire by tinning them.

As for the batteries price it was a one time thing with an ebay seller that had no use for them and they were brand new still wrapped. That is why we wont be able to find that deal again.