Evolve BMS, Evolve Remote, Evolve ESC (SOLD)

I now have FOCBOXES in my CGT and no longer have any use for these parts. I know battery builders will be interested in the BMS(@longhairedboy, @darkkevind).

The BMS is in working condition(SOLD). The remote(SOLD) is also in good shape and is working. The small plastic that covers the microswitches on the on/off portion has come loose, but everything still works.

The ESC is damaged, and only has 1 working motor. I am not sure why, but this is the case. Not sure if anyone is even interested in that.

Make me a reasonable offer and i’ll probably take it.


when you do the evolve battery upgrade do you have to buy a new bms or can you use the old one?

PM sent for remote

You can use the old one

you actually have to use the old bms or it will not work with the evolve esc

Remote sold to @b264

BMS sold to @longhairedboy

I still have the motor controller(only 1 motor working).

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How much do the BMS typically sell for? I have two available

You have two evolve BMSs that are fully functional? If so, i want them.

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with all the evolve upgrades going on right now, It kind of warms the cockles of my heart to see a company inadvertently putting so much back into the community :laughing:

Evolve has a great tuner platform, and it was totally by accident.

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Great designer shit engineer

They took a gamble using the prismatics over the 18650s, and i get it. In their testing they found that welded 18650 packs were more of a potential risk than their goals would allow for. They took the safer, less financially risky road and the voltage sag came with it.

and their wheels chunked. And their motors get hot. but other than that, I can’t think of a more convenient 10S tuner platform.

I mean shit, look what people are doing to it. I just grabbed this off of instagram: image


The people that send me thier board to mod are fucking serious.

(above images credit instagram.com/rocowim)


It sounded like a bash but beer does that to me. I actually like the company as a whole with how they set up such a good back up base around the globe and the level of commitment shown by the bossman in selling everything he owned to start it is inspiring.
I’ve been thinking of using one as a base for a while now. I’m in their home state too but prising one away from people is proving problematic so I shall just have to keep breaking into their garages and sabotaging the remotes and batteries. wish me luck.

ps. That venom board is wicked.

Not sure about anyone else, but I think the BRAKING on the Evolves is second to none, including DIY. You can go from full-throttle to full-brake instantaneously and it won’t chuck you off the front, but it will stop you in a hurry.

The one time an asphalt remover had went across an intersection right before I went through it – if I had been on ANY other board of mine aside from the Evole, I’d have been fucked, including Metroboard and all the DIY. I got the Evolve slowed down enough to run off of in like 10 feet…right before the board hit an “asphalt wall”

But overall I think I like Metroboard better. And DIY is awesome. But when it comes to emergency stopping, the Evolves are pretty damn good. Which makes me feel safer on them and thus allows me to go faster.

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IMO Evolve did a lot of things right. I like the trucks. I like the AT wheels. They are still one of the only people actually selling pulleys with bearings(consistently). I like their steel motor pulleys. I like the way the mounts sit. The chassis for me has been rock solid for thousands of miles. The remote is just OK(still one of the first with good telemtry tho).

I don’t like the battery. I don’t like the power switch. I don’t like the ESC.

On a more related note: All the stuff is sold boys. Thank you all.

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:point_up:t4: Last thing…the venom board is a diy build 12s4p dual 6374 set up…only evolve part on it is the trucks…:call_me_hand:t5:

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Yeah, all the “remote cutting out” you read about online is actually the power switch rattling into the off position. If it didn’t have the f***ing auto-poweroff I’d have soldered it “ON” already

Still have that esc ? I’m trying to diagnose an issue

It’s all gone my friend

I have an evolve esc for sale.