Evolve BMS Repair

I burnt out some diodes on my Evolve BMS while re-wiring - does anyone know who might be able to repair the circuit board?

You might as well get a new BMS.

Don’t buy a new one, evolve won’t sell you just a BMS, you have to send it to them for an expensive repair. Your best bet is probably having @JohnnyMeduse take a look at it

I am saying by a BMS from an external seller like supower.

You can’t use any other BMS on an Evole motor controller.

Does evolve repair individual BMS circuit boards? If the price is cheaper than the battery/bms pack they sell, I’d consider it.

Is @JohnnyMeduse familiar with circuit board repairs?

I guess so… :grimacing:

but sadly I do not repair Evolve BMS