Evolve Carbon Gt: Change Esc, New battery build. ? help

Hey I wanted to take my Evolve Carbon GT and get faster speeds with a different Esc and by building a New battery with new specs and new DMS. I was hoping to find someone who has done this or know’s of a forum they can link that would give me 30mph+ top speeds with up to 20+ mile range. I know they switched to Li-ionic battery so that’s why i assume i will need a new Esc. Also they refuse to sell me a new battery and instead of making a custom Ionic which lags i want to go to regular Lipos and try to get more power out of their motor’s from which I hear arn’t even hitting near their potential of 50Km/h. I am looking for someone to help me with spec’s and new parts. I know the battery size is 40.6x12.7 cm 16x5 in.

The compartment is Length: 59cm (23.2 in.)Width: 13.5cm (5.3 in.) Height: 2cm (0.78 in.) 59x13.5x2cm 23.2x5.3x0.78 in. Battery info: That i am aware of. 10s4p 360Wh at 36V/10a. So far all I can find on the battery info. If you have more please post. Also if you have Motor info please post. I love the deck but I need more batteries for at least 40miles of riding. Atm i am getting 20-25 with incline and downhill from West Hollywood to Santa Monica, California and I would like to be able to ride back without have to charge for 4-6hours. Just not plausible. Even the smallest amount of info would help but if someone could tell me if this is possible and or if the motor’s are capable of hitting these supposed speeds of up to 30+mph. Thank you

IF you change your gearing (bigger motor pulley) you should be able to get higher speeds…you will have less torque, but it is a good start :slight_smile: if you want to get higher speeds and still have the torque, you will have to get more powerful motors (6364 motors should be ok, 2 of them would give you arond 5000W) or you could put 2 extra motors on the front trucks…

If you get lipos with high charge rating, you can charge them really fast :slight_smile: but it is better to charge them slowly, it increases their life time

Why do you want to go that fast? It will be really dangerous, especially on double kingpin trucks… PLease always wear a helmet and other kinds of protection…

Maybe you should make a new board instead of rebuilding the evolve, because you would have to swap everything except deck, trucks, wheels, pulleys…

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@longhairedboy does evolve mods and can probably give you some advice. Or, he can do it for you!

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Sounds ambitious with an already $$$ board. Perhaps better to sell and use the $ towards a new build like @aigenic suggested.

I especially would be hesitant to go 30mph+ on double kingpin trucks… But your skill would be the unknown. I know i’d eat it at those speeds w/ speed wobbles… I’ve done 30 once on my old GBomb setup w/ caliber II’s. I tend to stick to the 22-25max range.

If you are focused on redoing the evolve i’d definitely chat with @longhairedboy and see what battery magic he can do.


@sl33py me too! Even w that I wear helmet and pads. After feeling 25MPH I’ve decided 30MPH wouldn’t be fun (for me).


Yeah - i had one “get off” at about 18mph - luckily no damage besides some scrapes. I wear a helmet, and some slide gloves usually (not that i know how to slide - but i tend to land on my hands if i do go down). Being a big/tall guy, i think i have years of falling experience, so tend to fall well and roll/tumble vs harder impact. Knock on wood i continue to be lucky. I try to always wear my helmet at a minimum. I like my brain and never want to be a vegetable.


I’ve used 20T motor pulleys and hit 30 mph on a Carbon GT. Felt fine on double king pin trucks and I ride pretty loose, enough where I can touch the motor with the board. This would probably be a hell of a lot cheaper than doing a complete overhaul. I’m also experimenting with 200kV motors if you want to go even faster. I think their esc can handle the higher switching speeds and it may be more efficient with appropriate gearing. Motor is on its way from China. Will report in 30 days.

Thank you everyone who replied. I’ve taken your advice and returned the board. I have started my research and am taking that 2k and putting it to a new board.


Hey there,

Would like to know your results with the 200kV motors. Thank you :slight_smile: